fate or decisions


How many, will see the dreams of future days or will they drift away unknown by the many who yearn for hope and destiny. Dreams are the makers of men and of sovereignty but can be the destroyers as well.

These are the visions that urge us in our waking hour. Beyond dreams we walk, our path will reveal our destiny or will our destiny reveal our path. It is this unknown concept that spines swiftly towards chaos. Unwittingly, men do not know which winged angel is to be followed, if at all.

This is why, travels always cause despondency when it reveals a fruitless endeavor. Whether we are guided matters not if our path has not produced what our hearts desire. so chaos flickers in each of us when our dreams are unrealized. And our struggle will continue whether or not, destiny comes before or after the walked path.

written by Marlo Suderski

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