in the beginning

Disclaimer: This essay was written in response to a discussion in my communications course, speech 103, debates, in college. The topic was "abuse in families and its effects on children". The truth of this essay rests in the hands of the many classmates vocalizing their thoughts over this much deserved but difficult topic. This essay may be difficult for some to read but it is deserving of attention and debate. I am also making it very clear that this is not a true story it is only my emotional reaction and interpretation of the debate in class that day. I titled it "In The Beginning" because it is relating to the circular motion which occurs in many of these situations.

A Child's Legacy

due to much confusion regarding the "reality of this post" i have decided to withdraw the post. Although i made it clear that the essay was fiction, many viewer regarded it as truth. I apologize for any problems that may have arose due to this post. And the fact that future viewers are not able to read it.

marlo suderski

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