Theory Or Fact


Ones destiny takes form with each moment of existence. Each experience shapes who we are in the presents of a particular day. So we are but a reflection of our past existence. Or are we more?

As the multitude of years past, we slowly become the creature of our existence. But it is an individual day that mold us into who we are. Our ideals are but reflections of our past as well as present moments in life. The school of life is existence. But, each individual teaches themselves what to extract from the day to form their present ideals.

As a student of life individual growth is internal and the perpetuation of such growth may only occur with open eyes to the surrounding world. Moments of life provide the possibility of personal change but this change may not occur if the student becomes blinded lacking the sight for internal growth which brings about change. If this growth is stunted the individual dies, and a internal pit forms at the core of existence.

The past thereafter, will not relinquish it self as past moments it maintains its existence in each day and holds the possibility of existence in tomorrow as well. It is only with the release of the past that frees tomorrow into a brand new day. It is the present that has the ability to change who we are and what we will become till the end of a day. As each day draws to its end, a new mold is made and imprinted with what we will be in tomorrow.

So, it is possible, to learn new ideals as long as we remain self-motivated student of the present and express our new formed knowledge in the next day. Once past moments have been shape with presents ones the past is no longer finite.This is how one can exist in the present without expressing moments of the past. With eyes wide open we will always change.

written by- Marlo Suderski
fall 1996

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